pm3 – Not personal maintenance management model

The management model pm3 was developed in sweden back in the late 90’ies.
Today many companies and organisations in sweden has adopted this model.

pm3-2Personally I Think it’s a great model and I am using it on a daily basis.

Right now I have two different categories of areas that I maintaine thru pm3.

First of are all accounting systems, HR and BI together with some smaller service systems (booking, visiting administration and so on).

The second is even less homogeneous with systems like administration of foundations, watchdogs and spread the ashes of dead people (!)

The Fermi paradox and dinosaurs?

I have already written about Fermi paradox a lot but it’s a puzzle that I’m really interested in solving. And I’m afraid it may be the most important task facing humanity in the foreseeable future. Previously, I felt almost embarrassed and thought I just was characterized by an inherent fear of the unknown.But now I feel more and more that there are major issues in this topic that can not be left unanswered. I do not want mankind to go the same fate as the dinosaurs. It is simply not acceptable. Perhaps the disappearance of the dinosaurs actually a clue as to how to explain the Fermi paradox? colonize_galaxy