Sometimes I bring up things that may seem offensive to some people.

The pages are according to my standards completely Children allowed and thereby automatically nor inappropriate for any adult.
However, I know that standards can vary between individuals and groups.
If you happen to be a person whose norms can not accept what I write so please feel free to contact me.

I promise to be responsive while, as usual, is a universal truth that if there is anything you do not want to see or read so take advantage of the fact that it’s free to completely avoid my pages.
I not only believe, but presupposes a free society with free thinking individuals.


What I noticed is most problematic is my attitude towards theism and especially in cases where religious services are likely to adversely affect individuals and humanity at large.
I like to point out flaws in religions and emphasize alternative explanations.

I also love to discuss this and quoting what others have written and said.
Voltaire said: ”If God did not exist, we would have to find him
Mikhail Bakunin said: ”If God really existed, it would be necessary to abolish him

So by definition, I’m not just one of those awkward at times atheist but is probably more of a antitheist.
In sensitive context, however occasionally hear me say that I am a Pastafari


On second place it is my playful, sometimes somewhat sexist, posts that refer to our (human) obvious fascination with sex and everything associated with it.
Sometimes you will find somewhat challenging material that most are there to emphasize the contrasts in our society which I think is with occasionally anything but enlightened.


In third place, Ii is the zombies I think.
This is apparently something that upsets many.
Fortunately, there are rarely real zombies so it’s probably not a big problem
I hope.


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