My name is Tommy Blomqvist and is in my opinion a rather quiet, calm and normal person living in a small town in central Sweden.
This is my most official blog.

Actually this was my MSN blog that I started in early 2008.

Over the years, the nature and frequency of contributions varied considerably.
But shortly after that MSN put in and moved the blog to WordPress, I tried to raise the bar slightly.

Maybe I aimed at the stars but it feels a bit like I at least got into the treetops.

My most official website can be found at the following address:


You can also find me at places like:

Perhap you from my other pages note that I do not live alone but together with a wonderful wife and a total of four children”.
I write children in quotation marks because the oldest is old enough not to qualify as children and the youngest is the one who rules the family

Some history…

A long, long ago – sometime just at the end of the 70s, I started to interest me for what is today called for IT. That was before the Web (although the Internet and other similar networks already was up and spinning).
I started working with mainframe computers, first as an operator and then as little else.
I have already said that it was very, very long time ago ?!

In the early 90s I was doing a lot of computer Communications.
It was great computers that communicated with mini computers, terminals and even personal computers.
The technique walked slowly but steadily forward.
SNA and UDLC were exchanged for Token Ring and Ethernet Protocol is.

It was not until 30 / 1-1995 I production put my first Internet-connected networks.
My first email account on your UNIX jar was ”tombl@dragos.d.lst.se”.
Around the same time, I started using ftp, gopher and HTML browsers.

It was probably not until April that I put up your own little web server with three or four fun HTML pages tapped into the editor vi.
Unfortunately, it seems all traces of it will be gone.

Nowadays many of my websites come and gone.
There have also been many accounts on different interaction sites and forums on the Internet.

My oldest ”Passagen” account is from the end of 1996 seems to work just as well today as it was nearly twenty years ago
Time goes by really fast.

But so far we have not seen the end but the history is written on for each day that passes.



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